Gourmet Salts, Spices, and Seasonings Smoked Arabian Fleur De Sel - (Pyramid)

Smoked Arabian Fleur De Sel - (Pyramid)

Smoked Arabian Fleur De Sel - (Pyramid)
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The locals take the Arabian Fleur De Sel and cold smoke it for 4 days, producing this stunning smoked pyramid sea salt. it has a mild flavor. Great on all meats, lamb, chicken and oily fish like salmon. the grains hold a lot of flavor and crush easily between your fingers. This smoked salt can be used as a finishing salt do to the thin walls of the pyramid, they will crush easily and dissolve quickly in the mouth.

About Arabian Fleur De Sel

This delicate large pyramid salt, it is a cross between a Cyprus large flake and a Bali pyramid.
This is a delicate yet large flake salt, use it as a finishing salt or on the table. Crush the large pyramids between your fingers and sprinkle on your favorite meats, and even fish.

This salt does not resemble a French Fleur de Sel at all. The locals call it Fleur de Sel do to the way they harvest the salt in salt ponds. This all natural salt is beautiful addition to any table.

it gets its unique shape from where it is grown. the salt forms in shallow salt ponds , where the sea water evaporates fast in the heat of the desert and light winds from the sea.

We are the only Importer of this rare salt.
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