Gourmet Salts, Spices, and Seasonings Kalahari Desert Salt (Medium) - South Africa

Kalahari Desert Salt (Medium) - South Africa

Kalahari Desert Salt (Medium) - South Africa
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Unrefined - without chemical additives, separating agents or iodine additive

The desert salt comes from a picturesque region at the heart of the Kalahari Desert. In the main Karoo Basin in South Africa, three subterranean rivers flow together on a rock formation millions of years old containing pure and untouched sodium chloride crystals. As these water courses flow through and over the ancient layer of rock, the salt in the rock is dissolved and flows into a protected underground salt lake. Here the brine flows to the surface. It is then gently dried in the sun. This underground salt lake, located far away from inhabited areas, is the source of the Kalahari Desert salt.

As there was no air and water pollution at the time when the salt was formed, the Kalahari Desert salt is a natural, unadulterated gourmet salt, produced free of harmful substances and environmental influences. Through its great age of some 280-300 million years, it is also described as one of the oldest and most original earth salts.
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